a cliché life analogy

We woke up to a dark sky today. Around 8 AM, it started raining, and continued all morning; not just a steady sprinkle, but a violent downpour for hours. Temperatures dropped, sweaters were hastily donned, and skirt and pant hems were soaked a good few inches up the calf. For a while, you couldn't see anything in the distance. The mountain range protruding from our otherwise-flat terrain was invisible in the gray, wet gloom. 

But now, it's 3:14 in the afternoon and I'm sitting on our back porch gazing in awe at the most surreally pure landscape I've beheld in the entire time we've lived here. I can see brown and green patches of earth speckling the savannah, and detailed crevices eroded down face of the mountains. I can see all the way down to where the ground curves to meet the sky, and where the Nile snakes its way miles into the North. I guess we just needed some rain to clear up the view. 

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