life as of late || entry one


+ Learning how to shoot with film. It's challenging and I don't quite have it down yet (like, the haven't-gotten-to-take-a-picture-yet kind of 'don't quite have it down'), but I'm so excited to learn about the process. 
+ Listening to Family and Friends and The Oh Hello's new album. They're both so delightfully folk and they make the perfect soundtrack for my mundane days. 
+ Inspired by Nicole Mason's photography, especially her self-portrait series. Her mood and aesthetic is so unique.
+ Putting up our tree and donning cold-weather garb.
+ Getting my nightly dose of Blue Bloods, because after you've watched something so religiously for the last month or two, the characters start to become family.
+ Missing little pieces of home, halfway around the world. I don't think I'll ever stop missing them.
+ Drinking one of those little pieces of home: Ugandan tea & Masaba coffee.

what has life been like for you lately?

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